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Asian art painted but it's all about health. Its more than spring water, it's mountain water......

Shan shui is a style of traditional Chinese landscape painting that originated during the 5th century AD in the Southern and Northern Dynasties period. Shan shui literally means "mountain water" in Chinese, and the paintings often depict mountain landscapes and water scenes with great detail and precision.

an shui paintings typically follow certain conventions, such as the use of a central peak or mountain range as the main focus of the painting, and the incorporation of water elements such as rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. The paintings often use a limited color palette, with shades of blue and green dominating the landscape.

One of the defining features of shan shui paintings is the use of brushstrokes to create texture and depth in the landscape. This requires great skill and patience from the artist, who must use a combination of brushstrokes to create the illusion of mountains, rocks, trees, and water.

Shan shui paintings are highly regarded in Chinese culture for their artistic and cultural significance. They are often used as a means of meditation and reflection, and the intricate details of the paintings encourage the viewer to take a closer look and appreciate the beauty of nature.

In recent years, shan shui has also been used as a source of inspiration for other art forms, such as architecture and landscape design. The principles of shan shui can be seen in the design of Chinese gardens, which often feature elements such as rocks, water, and plants arranged to create a natural and harmonious environment.

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