Nutritional Therapies



Bringing nutritional therapies to the forefront of your life brings challenges and real wins as the process moves forward. It can be helpful to have someone with over 20 years of experience to help you along this journey. Knowing the potholes and wrong turns as well as knowing what works is essential for success in transformation. 


A Diet by Any Other Name Is Still About ENERGY......


So learn strategies that increase your energy levels. That's what vitality and anti-aging are all about. Taking your health decisions into your own hands by wisdom teachings from many SOURCES. LouLou Tree can be one of your SOURCES for vitality and energy. 





Nutritional Coaching: Hair Mineral Analysis, Enzyme Products, Microbiotic Products

HIGH Energy Structured Water/Food 

Norwalk Juicing & Raw Foods Therapy

The ABEPT's of Nutritional Consulting

If you would like a consultant, please drop me a note on the home page. 

Additional consulting including Stool Testing & Microbiotic Strategies, Kitchen & Pantry Consulting, Grocery Store Skills Training, Gluten Free Consulting, Detox Therapies Consultations

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