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Coaching/Consulting Services

Are you wondering if there’s anyone who can help you?


You’re in the right place if you:

  • have seen numerous health care practitioners, with little to no resolution to your health concerns

  • need help navigating how to best support yourself through a sea of recommendations from multiple providers

  • are ready to learn how to take healing home for an outcome that gives you control over your own health


The answers are within the healing potential of nutrition, education, movement and Cannabis therapies.


The Process begins with a detailed understanding of your history, triggering events, prior health results, and factors that may be contributing to your ailment.


A summary of findings based upon the following:

  • antecedents: the factors or events that predispose you to illnesses

  • triggers: anything that initiates or provokes the emergence of symptoms

  • mediators: those things that contribute to the manifestation of your symptoms



A wide array of coaching and consultation services are available to you depending on your specific needs. We specialize in the support of many different alternatives and integrative therapies for most chronic illnesses. I'm here to educate, guide and coach clients through these therapies which can be overwhelming without an expert's help. I am with you every step of the way to make sure you get the best outcome possible in your fight against chronic disease.


How It Works

Our coaching and consulting services are a low cost per consult or membership based service. Consults are offered in 30 minutes and 1-hour time blocks by either phone or video for members. A La Carte services are available in 1-hour time blocks for non-members.


Client Benefits

 Our members are provided the following:


Personal Wellness Coach - Members receive a dedicated personal Wellness Coach for all of their consulting and membership services. 


Personalized Plan of Action - We will help you to develop a personal plan of action related to your specific needs. We educate on the tools, options and resources available that can help you restore your health and guide you every step of the way. We help with everything from nutritional advice, the latest breakthroughs in treatments, setting up your own home clinic and everything in between.


Phone and Video Consulting - Clients can arrange for consults via phone or Skype. The consults can be booked in 30 minutes or 1-hour blocks at the member's leisure via our online booking portal. A La Carte services are available in 1-hour time blocks for non-members.


Email Consulting - Clients with a membership receive unlimited coaching with Jeri Lou while an active member and clients who book one-time consult receive unlimited email support for 10 days from the time they book their consult. 



Membership Pricing Options

Membership - Members receive discounted rates on consults. All members receive two hours of phone or video consulting per month as well as unlimited email support while an active members. Memberships are available on a month-to-month basis and can be canceled at any time.



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