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 Human Endocannabinoid System & Full Spectrum Synergy 
The Body's Master Regulator is the  Endocannabinoild System ("ECS")
- Cell signaling to maintain homeostasis in body systems
- Based on fatty acids or eicosannoids derived from phospholipids and arachidonic acid
- Created on demand and degraded very rapidly in the cell membrane
Products are currently available in these convenient-to-use forms


Full-spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Raw hemp extract in calibrated dropper bottles for easy administration. Unlike many liquid hemp extracts, our professional-use products provide a calibrated glass pipette for proper dosing, removing the imprecision and hassle of counting drops. 

Additionally, with the calibrated glass dropper, our liquids offer flexibility in dosing to meet different patient needs.

Our liquid hemp extracts are also available for pets.

Liquid Vegetable Capsules

Full-spectrum, Broad spectrum, and Raw hemp extract are provided in convenient liquid-filled vegetable capsules that disintegrate quickly for rapid utilization.


Great-tasting gummies supplying full-spectrum hemp extract, some with added botanicals or other cannabinoids. Our gelatin-free gummies are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and contain no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. 


ECS Therapy topicals supply hemp extract enhanced with synergistic botanicals and supporting ingredients.  Available in creams, balms, and lotions, our all-natural topicals absorb quickly into the skin and promote a cooling and soothing effect. We've carefully formulated ECS Therapy topicals to be free of known endocrine disruptors and other recognized harmful ingredients commonly found in other topical products in the market.



LouLou Tree will help provide guidance on the Botanical synergy and entourage effect from phytonutrients of botanicals during coaching and educational sessions.


To further help LLT clients', the message of key C. Sativa products help the endocannabinoid tone in older individuals, since with age we lose functioning health benefits of Cannabidiol system. 


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