Senecsence strategies

Gyrotonic Movement Classes/Ozone & CleansingTherapies: Lymphatic Drainage & Cellulite Reduction Therapies/Lipid Therapies/Nutritional Balance


Body, Mind and Spirit are involved in our very steps toward wellness. Gaining information and insight from the sessions listed below can help bring clarity and actionable solutions to your health and well-being. 

If you are interested in a consultation, send a message on the contact page. 

Additional consulting including: (Grocery Store) Skills Training and Gluten Free Consulting (Skype and distance learning capabilities). 

Ed Skillings: Photon Genius & Genie 

Ozone, Lymphatic & Cellulite Strategies

Norwalk Green Juicing (Recipes & Lessons)

Gyrotonic Movement Class (fascia fitness and utilize with cancer clients)

Enzyme & Restore Suite (Body Ecosystem Lessons on growing a healthy Stomach & GUT)

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