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Gut & Overall Health Strategies for you, pups, and loved ones, plus Garden & Herb Planning to sustain bold/vivid health.        


Understand the Full Spectrum effects of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids working in synergy. CBD Anti-Aging, THC Anti-Fungal Remedies & Gut Microbiota Strategies. LouLou Tree is certified and clinically trained in hemp usage and management of foot and lymphatic ailments. 












LouLou Tree's coaching and education help with endocannabinoid tone in all.  Those individuals that are older and immune impaired will get great benefit from this therapy, since with age or trauma, we lose functioning benefits of the Cannabidiol system ("ECS").

You will learn how functional foods have synergy and an entourage effect from phytonutrients in botanicals.

Loulou Tree Disciplines
Full Spectrum 



It is time in your life to make decisions to help yourself and the ones you love. Non-invasive, Helpful Routines, Relaxation, Organic Gardening, and Full-Sprectrum Synergistic Hemp with Plant-based Nutrition will change your gut microbiota health for yourself and the puppies. Feeling the best one can be inside and out in this unpredictable world is essential. 


LouLouTree Strategies:


  • Simplified Organic Gardening

  • LouLou Loves Dogs Therapies

  • Cannabis Wedding Bar Services

  • Full-spectrum effects of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids working in synergy

  • Strategies for Gut Health

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"This type of synergism may play a role in the widely held... view that in some cases plants are better drugs than the natural products isolated from them." -1998 Ben-Shabat & Mechoulam

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