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                  Flavors: New Italian, Rye, Sourdough, OMG Flatbread, Buckwheat and Pancake Mix


              Customer Testimonials


I actually could not believe that I was eating REAL gluten-free artisan sourdough and Italian bread.

Michael De Cicco-Butz, Gluten-Free Mike

Trust me you will not believe your eyes or your tastebuds with - Luce's Gluten Free Artisan Bread Mix that you bake at home. It is so delicious even non GF people will love it!

Lisa Garza, Gluten Free Foodies

The breads have a perfect crust and aren't dry or crumbly like so many other GF breads. The best part? They couldn't be easier to make.

Gluten Free / Dairy Free New Jersey

I am completely blown away by the quality and convenience of this product. I cannot say enough good things about it. I don’t say this often, but I really do think everyone needs to try this bread.

Marissa Carter, Gluten-Free Living (

The Giant at dinner. It tasted great! One of my friends asked where they can buy it! :)

E.E., Izmir, Turkey


..the best gluten-free baker I know...

Eugenia Bone, free-lance writer (including The New York Times Magazine, Saveur, Food & Wine, Gourmet, Fine Cooking, The Wine Enthusiast, Martha Stewart Living), and author of four books, including Mycophilia


I am enchanted by the Bold Buckwheat.

Chef Peter Reinhart, three-time winner of James Beard awards, faculty at Johnson and Wales College, author of 4 cookbooks and guest presenter at Charlotte North Carolina gluten-free expo


...a friend of ours who is also a board member for the local Gluten Intolerance Group, came over to bake... She does not cook or bake a lot and she has been coming over to learn how to do some gluten free cooking. She made both mixes and they turned out wonderfully (photo attached). I did not help her at all; I stayed busy cooking other things... we had another friend over which brought the total to 12 of us, 9 of which were children running around. We thought it would be good to give a “real life” experience for some busy households to see if the mix was still easy to put together and follow...she was surprised at how great the loaves turned out despite the lack of focus or attention to detail.

V.F., WA


The Italian bread makes a great meatball sub! My 1st in three years!

E.S., Akron, OH


Let me tell you…it’s amazing. I think I ate half the loaf in a matter of ten minutes. When it comes right out of the oven, and the butter melts on top, it tastes like heaven in your mouth.

Gluten-Free Laura, blogger

Luce's Gluten Free Artisan Bread mix is a revelation

Jennifer Harris,

Wanted to share a photo of my "Birthday Cake:" a loaf of your sourdough!



Being a Gluten-Free Italian, I so missed the taste of Italian bread, especially during the holidays! Luce's New Italian Bread brought the holidays back home to me. It's rich, slightly oat flavor made it the perfect compliment to our dinner, and


This is the best bread I've enjoyed in the past year and as good as the best breads I've ever had. Thanks for making this possible

J.B., Washington DC


I just wanted to write a quick note about your bread. My almost 5 yearold son has Celiac and is allergic to eggs and tree nuts. I have alwaysloved to cook and bake and I have learned to make pretty much everythingfor him, except bread. Both my kids just love bread dipped in olive oilwith their dinner and have missed it. I have made rolls and biscuits andthey are fine, but not great. I made your sourdough and the italian loafover the past week and both were just fantastic. It is the bread we usedto have that we missed and it is so EASY to make. The directions wereclear and I had no problem at all. I let both loaves rise for an hour onthe counter before I cooked them and they were perfect. Thank you so muchfor all of your work and the great customer service. We are thrilled withyour product and we will definitely be ordering more.

Jenn, St. Paul MN


TRUTH. Luce's is absolutely the best gluten free bread I have tried. Four thumbs up from this family.

Danielle G.


Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate your sharing what is the first great bread since my diagnosis nearly 13 years ago. I made it at a family function yesterday (there were 4 of us with CD). EVERYONE thoroughly enjoyed it, even those who didn't need to eat gluten-free. I am going to call and order 24 loaves tomorrow which we are going to split and give as gifts! Thanks so much for exposing us to this completely wonderful bread (only we people with CD would get so excited over a loaf of bread!)

Trisha, Akron OH


As for the pizza (we made from your dough)... it was AMAZING with a capital "A" ... It was just chewy enough to send me flying back to the days not only before GF, but also to the days when I lived on the East coast and REAL PIZZA could be had.

M.L., WA


I know you said that it must sit for several hours before eating, but we were soooo very anxious we ate some within a half hour and it was DELICIOUS! We BOTH love it!!!!!! And I don't have Celiac.

H.A., Philadelphia, PA have made a gluten free mom and family so happy with your breads, they are so easy to make my son is begging me to order more so he can bake them. He is nine and just loves the bread and I am the gluten free one.

WFB Vero Beach FL


OMG I cannot believe how wonderful the flat bread tastes! It totally takes away any yummy bakery-fresh gluten bread craving! ....the texture is perfect; crusty on the outside and doughy good on the inside. And so incredibly easy to make! Thank you a hundred times.

Pat W.


By Far THE best gluten-free bread we've ever tasted .... and we baked it ourselves... A crusty shell with a soft center is chock full of nooks and crannies. It was UNBELIEVABLE!

Chic Luxuries


So easy to make, so delicious to eat. Love it. Thank you.

Angie's Own blog


Luce’s is wonderful because everything you need is included in the bag and it is so easy to follow the instructions and put it all together perfectly. Really, you only need to add water…easy peasy!

The end product was one of my favorite kinds of bread, a true artisan bread with a crispy crust and a soft, chewy center. It was the perfect bread for dipping in soup, especially cream soups like a homemade gluten-free clam chowder. The bread is very filling and hearty so it last us a dinner and a little for leftovers as well. The leftovers made delicious sandwiches.

Gluten Free Frenzy


"I am a gluten-free blogger,, that reviews products and leads three gluten-free support groups in the bay area of San Francisco. I just cannot say enough about Charles Luce’s gluten-free artisan breads. They are simply amazing. I often make a loaf for various GF events and wherever I take the bread, it is the talk of the event. People become obsessed with it. I’ve actually had a few people with celiac disease cry in front of me while eating it. One exclaimed, “I don’t feel gluten-free eating this bread.” Thank you, Charles Luce, for your great work in bringing a true bread experience to our gluten-free lives."
Kim Rice
Certified Health Coach and Gluten Practitioner


.... This was the ONLY loaf in 4 years that smelled, felt, looked, and tasted like bread! I was stunned when I pulled it out of the bag and sliced it! I ate the entire loaf in one day by myself while smiling and laughing because I knew it was finally possible to eat one of my favorite foods again. ..... We ate out with friends this evening and I took 2 slices of your bread with me in a little brown bag. I haven't been able to "break bread" with others in 4 years! Hence my tears of joy. ... You have worked magic in your recipes and technique. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This has truly been a happy day for me.... It's hard to contain my joy because I have regained a pleasure I thought was lost to me forever. This is truly Artisan Bread.

Cindi B.



And now for the real test – my boyfriend. He’s from San Francisco and is a sourdough connoisseur, so I’ve made it my mission to impress him with the best sourdough the gluten free world has to offer. He has tried other brands in the past, but after one bite of Luce’s he was hooked – “The best sourdough I’ve had outside of San Francisco, gluten free or not.” Woohoo!

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