Sound therapies 

BODYSOUND CHAIR/ Sound & Breathe Exercises / Photon Genius Coherent Sound/Light Sessions

If you are interested in a consultation, send a note to via the contact page. 

Additional consulting including: Nutritional/Plant-based, Sound & Relaxation Coaching

BodySound Chaise (Sound Chaise): Sound Vibration that opens up the Hara Line and Releasing Blocks in the Body

Light/Sound & Harmonic Therapies (Ed Skillngs: Genius): FIR Energy Sauna & Light/Harmonics to balance the Immune System. Creating higher vibration (Electric Medicine) to rid the Body of pathogens, viruses and bacteria. 

Singing & Breathe Exercises to bring oxygen to every cell in the body. Oxygen is key to health. Learn new ways to bring this into your every moment


Sound Therapies enhance your well-being and facilitates mind/body/spirit relaxation that helps you unwind, unmemorize the stories that are holding you back. Returns you to the STILL POINT or ZERO POINT like no other modality on the face of the earth. 

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