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NOW, be the best you can be! Ed Skilling Technologies are used by both Athletes and those dealing with Catastrophic Health Conditions.



For Better Quality of Life, Total Body Conditioning, Improved Energy, and Optimum Health. . .

The Skilling Institute provides the common sense approach to alternative cancer therapy based on years of experience which includes offering the world's best in Electromedicine with Ed Skilling's advanced electromedicine alternative therapy, the Photon Genie and NEW Photon-Genius (only 6 years in the marketplace).















The body is primarily electric and electricity is found naturally in all of us and controls the function of every cell of our bodies. A variety of electrical impulses in our bodies help facilitate all bodily functions including actions needed for health maintenance, healing and regeneration.




Photon Genie



The Upgraded Photon Genie represents the latest Skilling technology and is used as alternative therapy for Cancer, Lyme disease, Autism, Fybromyalgia, Immune System Disorders, Chronic Pain, Infections, etc.







The NEW Photon-Genius combines the latest in Skilling electromedicine and infrared energy transmission. The Photon-Genius offers dynamic healing energy on a "Mega" scale and is used for total body conditioning, weight loss, and the most serious bodily conditions.










Alternative Therapy "Power Tools"


The Skilling Institute's 50 plus year history in the alternative therapy field of electromedicine delivers energetic strength and harmonic balance to the body. The Skilling Technologies empower the body's innate healing ability (the immune system) by promoting improved energy and balance.

The Skilling Institute's Photon Genie and Photon-Genius noticeably improve the effectiveness of most other alternative therapies and alternative cancer treatments and reduce negative side effects of most alternative therapies and alternative cancer treatments.

The Skilling Institute's Photon Genie and Photon-Genius provide life-nourishing photobiotic energy to the cells of the body to strengthen the body's immune system safely, easily and effectively. They empower delivery of good nutrition, supplements, and other alternative therapies by moving and balancing all the fluids of the body, including the Lymph system.





The testimonial behind Photon Genius and ED Skilling Energy Tool:

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Photon Genius Client With Cancer Grateful To Ed Skilling: 


























Photon Genius Alternative Cancer Testimonial I














Photon Genius Alternative Cancer Testimonial II















LouLou Tree Photon Genie & Genius Client:










Photon Genius Therapies include: 


Far Infrared Heat Therapy


Due to the deep penetration of Far Infrared rays from the Photon Genius™, a heating effect is observed deep in the muscular tissues and even into the internal organs resulting in greater detoxification without negative side effects. This “deep heating,” along with sweating, is thought to be responsible for the healing effects and the other health benefits associated with these Far Infrared rays. 



Noble Gas Technology


It produces the Skilling proprietary Noble Gas frequency harmonics transmitted by the Photon Genius™ and provides the body with harmonic energy, electrons and photons, to harmonize with the body’s natural impedance, devitalizing and disarming pathogens and re-invigorating and returning abnormal cells to their previous balanced healthy state while assisting the body in returning to a natural homeostasis. The Photon Genius™ provides an abundance of photons through both its infrared light emitters and its ionized noble gas harmonic frequency discharges. With over 150 feet of light tubes, no other instrument in the world can provide the photonic release and body nourishment of photons as the Photon Genius™.


Nitric Oxide Production


Nitric oxide is considered the body’s “miracle molecule” and is documented to be essential to correct many conditions of the body from diabetes to hypertension, cancer to drug addiction, stroke to intestinal motility, memory and learning disorders to septic shock, sunburn to anorexia, male impotence to tuberculosis. There is probably no pathological condition where Nitric Oxide does not have a positive impact.  A Photon Genius™ session encourages the body's own production of nitric oxide (NO). It is proven to help prevent and reverse heart disease. Dr. Louis Ignarro won a Nobel Prize for his work with Nitric Oxide and wrote the book: NO More Heart Disease.




The body is comprised of electromagnetic transmissions and communications. It emits electromagnetic waves and responds to electromagnetic waves. All biological functions correspond to electromagnetic phenomena. The electromagnetic energies that exist in living tissue are extremely potent. When you target a living cell with the precise frequency that it needs, it will respond favorably, and health can be restored in an amazingly short period of time. 


Light Therapy


Light therapy can elevate one’s mood, reduce symptoms of jetlag, help depression & other mood disorders.   Some of the medical applications of light therapy include pain management, accelerated wound healing, hair growth, improvement in blood properties and blood circulation, and sinus-related diseases and skin disorders.  It is effective in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder and skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, neonatal jaundice and acne. Recent research suggests that light therapy may ease Parkinson’s disease by reducing patient’s tremors and suggests a positive impact of light therapy on overall cognitive function in Alzheimer's disease patients.


Sauna Therapy


The Photon Genius™ provides some of the most unique and impressive detoxification strategies and technologies of virtually any known protocol or instrument in existence, stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems via infrared and anti-oxidative processes including vasodilation, stimulating the liver, colon, kidneys and skin via thermo therapy and sauna therapy, elimination of toxins through the skin and other organs, etc.


Sound Therapy


The Photon Genius™ provides the widest range of harmonic frequencies of any medical instrument on the market today, from zero to over 2 MHz, all of which can be accurately and automatically controlled to nourish every cell of the body.  ThePhoton Genius™ provides nourishing electro-magnetic energy in a wide range of frequencies which can be individually controlled. No other electro-medicine device provides the range of frequencies, or the full spectrum of electro-magnetic frequencies, including the infrared frequencies, as does the Photon Genius™. Poor health always presents with lowered electro-magnetic energy fields at the cellular level. At times, illness can be caused by this lack of vital energy, among other factors.



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30 minutes session - $65.00 

Package of 10 - $550.00


      Reference material low level light therapy

The reference material above (link) will help you understand how nitric oxide and mitrochondria starts to function better due to photon light. Plus, much more physics information that will hlep you know more about electric energy.






Photon-Genius Helps Friend With Cancer


Lori Phillips, RN shares how Skilling Institute’s Photon-Genius has helped her friend dealing with skin cancer and cancer in the lymph system. Her friend’s cancer has continued to reduce since she began using the Photon-Genius and has helped heal her skin where she had surgery.  


Certified Olympic Chiropractor Dr. Allen Harrison Loves Photon-Genius


Dr. Allen Harrison, a Certified Olympic Chiropractor, shares he used the Photon-Genius to clear skin issues and loves it better than any other heat therapy. He shares that the Photon-Genius helps with mobility, joints, detoxification, etc.


Dr. Harrison shares that the Photon-Genius has worked really well for clearing his skin issues and also has worked well for his clients dealing with fungus in finger nail beds. The fungus was completely cleared. Also he has clients that have had their Varicose veins completely go away.

He shares the Photon-Genius alternative therapy is more relaxing than a massage and a couple glasses of wine.  


Photon Genius Revitalization and Pain Relief for Carmen


Carmen shares she was dealing with pain in her legs and was diagnosed with sciatica. After trying everything, she began using the Photon-Genius, energy sauna and the very next day she felt no pain and improved energy.  HEAR  MORE…...


Bio-Electrical Impacts Underestimated


Dr. Hayle Adren, M.D., M.D.(H)     Dr. Aldren shares in this video how we generally underestimate the impact of electromagnetic pollution on our health and the importance of “healthy” electromagnetic nutrients needed to function properly, like the Photon-Genius.


Cells Are Electrical; Entire Systems of Body are Electrical.  He discusses that our cells are electrical and generally cancer cells are depolarized. Technology like the Photon-Genius provides bioelectric energy that the body requires to function properly and removes effects of electromagnetic pollution. 


Immune System Powered Up; Gives Life


Healthy And Want To Stay Healthy With Strong Immune System.  Martha shares that she is using the Photon-Genius for overall health maintenance and prevention to keep immune system strong. She shares that she is healthy and wants to stay healthy.


Photon-Genius Gives “Life”  People using it share that they feel better and not getting as sick. The Photon-Genius powers up the immune system.


Weight Management.  The Photon-Genius helps with weight management and also helps reduce cellulite.  


Pain Meds Down; Will Continue Using Photon-Genius


Pain Meds Down:  In this video, a woman who has been using the Photon-Genius shares that she has been able to reduce her pain medication and she doesn’t have pain.


Inflammation Reduced: She also doesn’t have night sweats any more. She says her inflammation level has gone down and that she’s “pretty happy” and will continue using the Photon-Genius.


Cholesterol Down; Not Diabetic; Blood Pressure Good: She says other benefits have been that her cholesterol is down. She was border line diabetic and now isn’t. Also, now her blood pressure is very good.  


“I happen to have a personal experience with one such device currently on the market.  Basically, this device enhances our body's ability to heal itself and fend off disease. It does so without destroying any healthy tissue in the process. Pretty cool stuff, really. But why aren't more people informed of this option for chronic disease treatment? Why must it always be harmful drugs or surgeries that destroy healthy tissue along with the infected tissue? If you are on maintenance meds, why not ask your doctor about alternative treatment options? Bring up the Photon Genie…”


A personal blog about engineering, design, and analysis from the perspective of a mechanical engineer, including topics on ethics, state of the profession, news & highlights, and just about anything that is touched by engineers.


No other instrument in the world provides full spectrum Energy Infrared with full spectrum Frequency Harmonics delivering some of the greatest health benefits ever seen. The Photon Genius operates at the physical, cellular, atomic, quantum and subtle energy levels to provide unparalleled harmonic energy to the human body in a safe and natural manner “powering up” the immune system and special forces of the body. The Photon Genius should be an integral part of one’s wellness protocol. When it comes to your health, you don’t have to be a genius, you just have to use one.  


The Wholesome (Alternative) Health Site blog


Desse, A Cancer Patient Recommends Photon-Genius


Desse, A Cancer Patient Recommends Photon-Genius; Gives Her Energy; Encouraging:  Desse is almost 93 years old. She has cancer in her lymph nodes and she shares how the Photon-Genius gives her energy.


Not Sick and No Chemo: She says she’s not sick, she doesn’t hurt and she feels fine. She’s not taking chemo therapy and her doctor doesn’t see any need for her to do anything other than Photon-Genius sessions.


Feels So Much Better:  Desse really noticed the difference after she had been away on vacation. She shares that she feels so much better when she does a Photon-Genius session. The Photon-Genius also relieves her joints; “they aren’t as stiff.”


Cancer Is Shrinking:  Desse shares that her cancer is shrinking. She says to people that have cancer, “I would definitely recommend using the Photon-Genius.” She says it is “encouraging.”    


Pain Relief for Arthritis and Cancer


Pain Relief for Arthritis and Cancer:  This video shares examples of the Photon-Genius and significant pain relief for arthritis and pain relief for cancer.  In this video, Lori Phillips, a Registered Nurse (RN) shares about the Photon-Genius. Lori has over thirty years of experience and has worked with many cancer patients. She now offers Photon-Genius sessions as an effective alternative therapy in order to offer more than treating symptoms.  The Photon-Genius energy sauna combines hyperthermia or heat therapy (more infrared energy than any sauna in the world) and energy medicine (Ed Skilling electro-medicine).


Lori shares that she has all ages for Photon-Genius sessions. She has a little eight year old girl with neck and face cancer that really liked it. Lori shared it as a “space ship with lights.”  In addition, Lori discovers from the little girl’s father that he is dealing with early onset of arthritis when he calls the next morning after holding his little girl in the Photon-Genius and reports that he is able to do things without pain that he normally is unable to do. He experiences significant pain relief.


Lori also shares about a cancer patient (breast cancer) that requires pain medication in an IV every two hours. After just a few Photon-Genius sessions, she is able to reduce the pain medication in her IV and is able to walk by herself. After five Photon-Genius sessions, she is completely off the pain medication and experiences significant pain relief.  

Out of Hospice Back to Life


Dr. Tom shares that they had a patient under hospice care that was also on morphine for pain. The patient used the Photon-Genius two hours a day; one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon by sitting in front of it. After using the Genius for fourteen days, seven days a week, he went back to work.   


Photon-Genius & Diabetes


Dr. Tom shares about his son who is diabetic. His son had a virus that attacked his pancreas at age 13. They used nutrients and made some progress and then the virus came back worse. His son is now 18 and is insulin diabetic, considered “brittle diabetic.”


Dr. Tom shares that his son experiences swings in his blood sugar, both from eating which causes it to shoot high and from sports which can cause it to drop. His son uses the Photon-Genius to help normalize and smooth out these swings and experiences significant relief from using the Photon-Genius.   


“For 20 years or so my neck has been a real "weak spot" for me. It easily goes "out" on me by any number of little things, even lying on the couch watching TV! Then comes a headache and nausea. Sometimes I would even vomit.  The first morning after I received my Photon Genie, I woke up with one of my all too familiar "neck-headaches" coming on.  I placed the wands that contain noble gas on either side of my neck for 20 or 30 minutes and enjoyed breathing in the fresh smell of the ozone they create on skin contact (bonus!).

I really wasn't expecting any improvement, but I went on with the rest of my day without any symptoms regarding my neck at all! I've done the 30 day trial period and I'm keeping my Photon Genie because it gave me energy, relieved pain and made my neck 20 years younger! I am eager to see what more benefits I will reap by continuing to use it as time goes on. “ review of Photon Genie  March 2013


I wish to share more about a technology that relates to physical healing through the energy body that called the Photon Genie by Ed Skilling. This researcher went further than Rife, taking advantage of the new frequency ranges that Rife did not  have available to work with at his time, and also developed his technology from Rife's later notes. Rife found that certain frequencies would "blow up pathogens" by finding their resonance frequencies.  


Amritayana Buddhism: Ed Skilling Photon Genie   ~ An amazing Blog full of personal experience and incredible knowledge


The principle of this therapy is that it helps to liquefy the fluid in the lymphatic system and interstitial fluid (the fluid in the space between the cells). It does this by adding ions that change the polarity of particles clumped together to a positive charge so that these separate and can be drained and eliminated by the body’s detoxification organs. …. Proper hydration, electrolytes, and herbal and other lymphatic drainage remedies are sometimes also used to assist this process. Lymphatic drainage can greatly improve the success of the Ozone steam sauna (described on this site) as shown by the significant increase of gray, toxic metals sweated out on the towel when the Photon Genie is used before entering the sauna.   


Natural Health Sciences ~ Promoting Healing: the Natural Way


On the trip I introduced the Photon Genie (the Skilling Institute’s smaller, portable device), to several people who saw such dramatic reductions in pain that they purchased devices for themselves. As I saw more, and realized that this technology is not widely known, much less available, I wanted to create a way to do it. The Photon Genie has been around for 15 years or so, and is in use by practitioners in 41 countries. The Skilling Institute itself has existed for over 50 years, and is well-respected for its technology.  


THOUGHT FOR FOOD BLOG ~ Journey into Quantum Possibility


Let’s check out why this machine is important to curing numerous items.

The Photon Genie has shown to:  Relieve pain, Get rid of bacteria, viruses, germs & infections, Detoxify the body, Balance body fluids, Give oxygen to tissue and fluid in the body, Increase energy levels, Neutralize negative thoughts……







































































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