What is Atrantil?

Atrantil is a nutraceutical developed to relieve the symptoms of bloatingabdominal discomfort and in some instances constipation.  As a gastroenterologist in Plano TX, I see several people every day that suffer from these frustrating symptoms.  Unfortunately, there is not a treatment available that I can recommend to patients that will treat these symptoms at their source – in the small bowel.

What makes Atrantil unique is that it focuses on the bad bacteria that can gather in the small bowel and NOT bacteria in the colon.  By eliminating the bad bacteria in the small bowel, Atrantil is able to effectively return the small bowel to its sterile non-combative state.

Atrantil is NOT a probiotic or an anti-biotic.  You do not need a prescription to take Atrantil.

What are the Ingredients in Atrantil?

Atrantil is a nutraceutical made up of a polyphenol, saponin and an anti-spasmodic. These ingredients are natural botanical extracts that already exist in our food supply.

What is a Nutraceutical?

According to the Foundation for Innovation, a nutraceutical is “any substance that may be considered food or part of a food and provided medical or health benefits.  Such products may range from isolated nutrients, dietary supplements and diets to genetically “engineered” foods, herbal products and processed foods such as cereals, soups and beverages.”

Learn How Atrantil Works

To achieve relief from the symptoms of bloating, abdominal discomfort and constipation Atrantil must eliminate the methane-producing bacteria in the small bowel.  View this video to learn how the ingredients in Atrantil effectively attack and eliminate these bacteria in the small bowel.

Atrantil – Can it help Your Bloating and Abdominal Discomfort?

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