Galactan™ delivers great-tasting, fiber-rich nutrition featuring arabinogalactan from the larch tree. It is a natural, high fiber, slow fermenting prebiotic agent. It supports optimal immune system integrity as well as healthy bowel regularity and gastrointestinal health. It also supports beneficial gastrointestinal microflora.


Galactan™ is an immune-promoting, soluble powder and a rich source of fiber that readily mixes in smoothies or other drinks.


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Take 2 tablespoons daily, mixed in food or drinks.

This is my uBiome stool test that demonstrates that my increase in Verrucomicrobia Phylum: Akkermansia muciniphila increased over a 3 month period with over 25g of Arabinogalactan a day. End result is that my one cell layer is more abundant and critters/bad bugs can't get thru the tight junctions of the gut to translocate to other areas of my body/brain to make them leaky. My numbers are compared to others and JL is stronger than most that have taken the uBiome test. 

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